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My Network - Uploading LinkedIn contacts

Now we have made it possible to import your LinkedIn network and share it with your colleagues on Companybook. Companybook will match your contacts to the right companies so you and your team can get access to more contacts as well as having the opportunity to get warm introductions.

When you upload the LinkedIn CSV file all your colleagues will have access to the same contacts.
The contacts you have uploaded will only be available for your colleagues and not available for any other company on Companybook.

Here is how to get started

Download your LinkedIn connections

First download your network from LinkedIn by visiting this url:

Ensure you select "Fast File only"

Then follow the instructions and type in your LinkedIn password.
Open the link you receive in your email and download data archive. 
Unzip the archive and find a file named Connections.csv

Upload your CSV file on Companybook

First click My Network in your Dashboard

Then select the CSV file you downloaded from LinkedIn and click upload

All the imported contacts will be listed under the LinkedIn contacts tab.

It's only possible to upload one CSV file at the time

Refreshing the data

When you want to refresh the data you should upload another version of the CSV file you have downloaded from LinkedIn. Companybook will remember the matching you have done previously. We will also remember which contacts that have been deleted so you don't have to do the manual work again 

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