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My Network - Administration of contacts

Before reading this section you should know how to upload your LinkedIn Connections:

When all your contacts are uploaded Companybook will notify you about how many of your contacts that are unmatched.

To match a unmatched contact simply click the edit icon in the row of interest

Each row has an indication wether the contact is matched or not and you can also order by matched - unmatched in the table heading

We try our best to match as many contacts as possible but sometimes its not possible to identify the correct company as we could have another name for the company or the company doesn't exist in our database.

You can hoover over the LinkedIn icon on the left side to see the initial values that are uploaded from LinkedIn

Also LinkedIn doesn't allow international characters in their export so if you see a question mark in a person name or role you should click the edit icon to fix the issue. 

If you are the main account holder (main subscription that shares the licenses) or the LinkedIn administrator (ask your account manager to be setup as LinkedIn Administrator) you will also be able to edit your colleagues contacts within the shared tab. In that case you can match their unmatched contacts for instance.

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