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Uploading a list to Companybook

You might already have an existing company list or have exported a list of companies from your CRM system.
Then it's possible to upload that list to Companybook and we will match the companies to our records.

Start by uploading companies within an existing list on Companybook or click upload list in your dashboard to start from scratch.

Select the CSV file you want to upload and indicate if the first row is a header row. It's possible to upload 500 companies in one batch but you can add several batches to the same list.

When the list is uploaded you will see a table with the content of the CSV file. Now you need to indicate which column contains what kind of information so we can match the records properly.

We can match the companies in 3 ways.
  1. By a company name (City and Country too if available)
  2. Companies House number
  3. Duns number
Select from the dropdown either of the combinations so we can look up the correct records.
Matching by company name will have a higher precision if city and country are provided.

When you have selected the matching entities click match now so we can look up the correct records.

We might not detect all the companies in the list because of differences in the data.
We will inform you of which rows we could not match. It's possible to search for these companies manually later and add them to the same list if we could not automatically detect them.

If you have any questions contact our support or your account manager.

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