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Follow lists

On Companybook it's possible to follow lists.


First create your True Addressable Market (TAM) with our unique keyword search.
Our search provides the accounts you should target, then the follow list functionality allows you to connect your sales cycle with the prospect's buying cycle.

Sales triggers

When you follow a list you will get alerted by all the interesting business signals within the news.
For example if the company has a new deal, whether they are acquired or they have a executive change.
We have curated 20 pre defined business signals that you can monitor.
This allows you to connect to the prospects at the right time, with the right message, that differentiates you from the competition. 


After creating your list, navigate to the list in your dashboard.

Then click the follow button

You can choose to follow our pre defined triggers. Select the ones of your interest. It's also possible to create your own trigger events in the custom trigger section. Type in any keyword you would like to follow if they are mentioned in the same sentence as any of the companies in your list. Learn more about custom triggers here.

Also there might be some companies that you might want to keep closer and be alerted about all the news. Then select the checkbox for follow all news. All the trigger events will be highlighted and you will receive all the news we find about the companies

Your dashboard will now start to collect pertinent triggers for all the companies in your list. You will also get a daily digest in your inbox.

Remember to save your preferences after you have done your changes.

If you follow a list the button at the top of the list will say following instead of follow.
Also there will be a link where you can see only the news items for the list you are visiting.

Follow individual companies or people

If you would like to follow a individual company search by that company name in our SmartSearch. Then when you are on the company page send that to a new or existing list and ensure you follow that list to receive all the news about the company. You can send the company to a list by clicking the send to button at top of the company page.

The same approach applies soon to people list. We will launch the ability to follow people list and you will only get alerts when the person you follow are mentioned in the news together with the company. To follow a person send the person to a new or existing people list and ensure you follow that list in the follow preferences.

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