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List follow - Custom triggers

This article describes how to setup a custom trigger for your list.

Open the follow preferences by navigating to a list and click the follow button on the top.

The follow preferences contains 3 main sections.
The predefined triggers, where you can choose to get alerted by any of our 20 pre defined triggers.
The custom triggers, where you can follow any custom keyword and check follow all news to be alerted by any news entry about the companies in your list.

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To create a custom trigger you have to create a name for your trigger. Then type in the keyword you would like to be alerted by. You can choose to have multiple keywords but that will limit the matching and reduce the volume. You can also choose to add NOT keywords to reduce the noise.

Remember to save your preferences once you have selected your follow preferences

By adding a custom trigger you can identify sales opportunities that suits your needs. You can use the triggers as conversation starters and identify when companies are in buying mode.

Your custom triggers will be presented in the dashboard with the name of the trigger you have setup.

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